Custom Woodwork Projects

Distressed, aged woodwork can be manufactured for less the cost of using reclaimed lumber. Making doors and trim have that aged appearance can be done in a variety of ways. Our custom stain mixing can provide the aged grey color if you wish to get that look without adding to the cost. You can also add hand-glazing which darkens the crevassed areas in the wood. You can also add distressing such as nail holes, raking, denting and easing corners. The glaze filters into the distressed areas to further authenticate the aged look.

Our Custom Products

Benches and Bookshelves

Built-ins are popular for entryways, closet areas, around fireplaces, bay windows or anywhere in your home. Custom built items are less expensive built in-shop than having a specialty carpenter make them. All wood pieces can be pre-finished to match the rest of your home’s woodwork which will add to the quality and craftsmanship of your home.

Window Trim

Avoid the frustration of having a painter match our finish for your wood window trim. Have your window vendor send windows directly to us for finishing.

Finishing Furniture

Stripping and refurbishing furniture is another avenue of our business. Since our doors and trim are given the finish look of custom furniture, it makes sense that we also offer furniture finishing. Whether it’s a beloved dining room table or something you’ve made yourself, let us do the finish and/or refurbish and finishing to give your furniture that professional touch.

Fireplace Mantels

Custom built fireplace mantles can be built to specifications. A mantle can be a thick piece of wood, corner piece or something more elaborate. We can also build the legs and trim pieces.

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